Practical Considerations in Mixed Signal Design

As part of our on-site training series, we offer "Practical Considerations in Mixed Signal Design." This is a nine-session training seminar with two sessions presented daily in the following order:
  • Silica to Circuit Primitives
  • CMOS Transistor Theory – the minimal equations approach
  • Basic Building Blocks in CMOS
  • Amplifiers and Comparators
  • Op-Amp design
  • Noise Problems and Noise Reduction
  • Top Level Design Considerations and Chip Architecture Issues
  • ADC’s and DAC’s
  • Simulation versus Silicon (A Designers Guide to Getting it Right the First Time!)

For topic-by-topic details, you'll find a Program Syllabus here. This program has been presented both domestically and internationally. For more information on bringing "Practical Considerations in Mixed Signal Design" to your organization, contact us.


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