Custom IC Development Process

Listed below is the typical process for any analog, mixed signal, or RF IC design. Digital blocks will add steps on Verilog/VHDL definition, synthesis, clock trees, timing extraction, scan chains, and other items unique to digital ASIC's.

Product Definition:

  • Architecture & Performance Criteria
    • System Level
    • Chip Level
    • Internal Blocks
    • Critical Path Issues
  • Block Diagram
  • Top Level Chip Specification.
  • Tradeoffs for most cost effective integration
  • Fitting to a cost optimal foundry process.
Contract Agreement & Quote:
  • NRE 
  • Unit price
  • Completion schedule
Preliminary Design:
  • Transistor level schematic capture
  • Simulation
  • Preliminary Test Specification
  • Preliminary Design Specification.
Preliminary Design Review: 
  • Circuit architecture
  • Simulation results and support data. 
  • Size estimate and chip floorplan
  • Package selection
  • Preliminary test specification.
Critical Design Review:
  • Final schematics and simulations.
  • Final specification.
  • Sign-off 
  • Physical Layout
  • DRC
  • LVS 
  • Bonding Diagram
  • LPE
  • Back annotation  and parasitic simulations
  • E-beam mask set
  • Base layer fabrication
  • Poly-silicon and metal layer fabrication. 
  • Prototype assembly 
Laboratory Prototype Evaluation:
  • Prototype testing & approval 
Production Pilot Run:
  • Production test program 
  • Testing pilot parts
  • Review test program, and hardware tooling
  • Optimize test time
  • Production  release


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