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Simulation vs. Silicon. A review of the most common problems in IC design. Great for anyone who has ever heard, “well all the simulations worked! (Our training programs deal with this topic in depth) - from Electronic Design magazine.

Simulation vs. Silicon

Interference Noise in the Mixed Signal Environment. The necessary techniques to get your analog and digital systems to co-exist on the same chip successfully - from Electronic Design magazine.

Noise Reduction Part 1

Noise Reduction Part 2

Mixed Signal Design on Digital CMOS. A good introduction to putting analog systems onto a largely digital ASIC - from EDN magazine:

Analog & Mixed Signal on Digital CMOS

Substrate Noise. A confusing topic for some, but easy to understand once you break it apart into its actual components.

Substrate Noise

IBM SiGe BiCMOS. While working within of IBM, this was an effort to introduce more cost effective BiCMOS silicon.

Introducing 5HPE

From external sources:

Inherent Circuit Noise. Noise due to thermal, flicker, and other sources - from EDN Magazine:

Noise 101

Fully Differential Circuits. An introduction to fully differential circuits and how they are used - from Texas Instruments Application Notes: 

Fully Differential Systems

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