Jerry Twomey



  • Chairman, 2005-2011 IEEE San Diego Solid State Circuits Society
  • Lecturer, UCSD ECE Graduate Studies, ECE-264C, ADC & DAC IC Design - 2010
  • Chairman, 2005-2011 IEEE San Diego Microwave Theory and Techniques Society
  • Reviewer, 2003-2007 IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits
  • Reviewer, 2005 IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques
  • Instructor, 1999-2002 UCSD Extension, CMOS Analog and Mixed Signal IC Design
  • Senior Member of IEEE.


  • ESD I/O Cells: Digital, RF, Analog, (2KV to 6KV JEDEC HBM)
  • ADCs: 14 bit (VCO/counter) 13 bit (delta-sigma) 8 bit (pipeline) 10 bit (successive approximation) 6 bit (Flash).
  • DACs: 4 bit to 12 bit, (current steering, multiplexing R-string, PWM over-sampling, delta-sigma)
  • PLLs: Both ring oscillator and LC VCO structures. Timing recovery, Mixer-LO, video/DVD synchronization, and frequency synthesis.
  • Medical Systems, including - sensors, feedback systems, controllers, power managment, IEC-60601 compliance circuitry
  • Filters: Active op-amplifier with RC, switched capacitor, and trans-conductor (gmC) structures. Selective frequency controls and process compensation tuning systems.
  • Mass Storage: LNA/Pre-Amplifiers, read channels for both disk/tape drives, power drive electronics for spindle motor and servo control.
  • High Speed Data: SerDes and LVDS to 20 GB/sec.
  • Power Management, Supervisory/Support Circuitry: Thermal monitoring, voltage regulators and Low Drop Out (LDO) regulators, Battery protection system for Li-Ion Batteries, Op-amps, comparators, band-gap references, variable gain amplifiers, offset alignment, process calibration circuits, network analysis for RF packaging, feedback and control systems.
  • Foundry/Fabrication/Modeling: Involved with the development of four different foundry processes, both in the definition of the process and its model validation.


Cadence, Analog Artist, Spectre, Spectre-RF, Verilog-AMS, Virtuosso-XL, Dracula, Mentor Graphics, Design Architect, Accusim, Calibre, Viewlogic, HSPICE/SmartSPICE, Berkley SPICE, PSPICE, Matlab, Orcad , PCAD, Altium Designer, Verilog, Xilinx ISE Design Suite.



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