Mixed Signal Noise Problems & Solutions Seminar

Our 2-hour training seminar, "Mixed Signal Noise Problems & Solutions," is a look at many of the techniques that reduce noise coupling problems in mixed signal IC's.

Topics discussed include:

  • Noise Sensitivity, Strategy, Coupling & Distribution
  • Substrate, Ground & Power Stability
  • Substrate Contacts, Well Ties, Guard Rings
  • Signal Shielding, Routing, Filtering, Floor Plans & Pin Placement
  • Differential Circuits, Spectral Content, Remote Grounds
  • Signals off Chip & Between Analog/Digital
  • Other Valuable Techniques

This is valuable training for all designers. Once understood, many of these techniques are readily applicable to your designs. We present practical solutions to real-world problems.

Material for this seminar was originally published as a two-part series in Electronic Design Magazine (October 2000, December 2000). Due to widespread interest, an in-depth training seminar was developed. "Mixed Signal Noise Problems and Solutions" has undergone IEEE scrutiny with very positive feedback (quote). For more information on bringing this seminar to your organization, contact us.


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