Technical Oversight

With the advent of the "open foundry model" there are now many small organizations doing IC design. Add to that a lot of third party IPs that are good, bad and sometimes just ugly. While the open foundry model allows more OEM's access to custom IC’s, what is lacking is a detailed understanding of the issues.

Our Technical Oversight Services can provide you with an expert to represent your IC needs in any or all of the following areas.

IC Definition:

  • What does(not) get integrated
  • Cost optimization - silicon technology
  • Cost optimization - circuiit architecture
  • Performance trade-off analysis
  • Proposed device viability and risk analysis
  • Design specification, with:
    • desired blocks
    • basic pinout
    • performance parameters

Design Services Reviews:

  • Technical competence
  • Prior applicable experience & IP
  • Track record
  • EDA/CAD used
  • Prior experience with particular foundries
  • Capability to do silicon evaluation
  • Production capability foundry-test-packaging

IP Reviews:

  • Cost impacts due to size and architiecture
  • Circuit architecture at the functional level
  • Circuit schematics at the transistor level
  • Design review material available, simulation results
  • Lab characterization and testing of silicon versions
  • Prior use of IP's
  • Modifications to be made
  • Circuit layouts


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