Jerry Twomey has done many different electronic design projects. He has designed medical instrumentation, consumer products, communication devices, high speed data channels, computer peripherals, DoD/DARPA devices, and others. In addition, he teaches both industry and academic seminars, and is a Senior Member of the IEEE.

Design Work Includes:

Medical Devices: Multi camera endoscopes, electro stimulus for pain relief, wearable EEG monitors, automated lab processing systems, viral testing field instruments, cranial hypothermia induction, blood glucose monitors, insulin pumps, and others.

All medical devices are IEC 60601-1 or IEC 61010 compliant, including failure management, compliance risk matrix, patient isolation safety, EMC compliance (RFI, EFT, RF common mode, magnetic fields, ESD) and functional redundancy methods. FDA approvals were included.

Integrated Circuits:  UWB receiver, Radiation hardened cell library, PLLs for clock recovery and frequency synthesis, High speed data (LVDS, SerDes), PCI Express drivers/receivers, Micro power crystal oscillator, Disk drive read channels and servo/spindle motor drivers, I/O drivers with ESD protection, CMOS RF Power Amplifiers, Direct conversion GSM receiver, RF LNA, Active filters (RC & gmC with auto calibration), Data converters (ADC & DAC), Thermal monitor and cooling controller, Micro-power LDO, DVD read channel and controller, Band-gap voltage reference, Li-ion battery protection, Charging controller for Li-ion battery

Systems and PCB: Wireless power charging (300W), Multi-Processor automation communication, Modeling RF receiver signal chain, Power systems, Batteries & chargers

Semiconductors: CMOS, RF-CMOS and SiGe BiCMOS foundry technology, including extraction and definition of simulation models, and development of design kit content.

jerry twomey

Academic And Professional Positions Held:

  • Chairman, IEEE San Diego Solid State Circuits Society
  • Lecturer, UCSD ECE Graduate Studies, ECE-264C, ADC & DAC IC Design
  • Chairman, IEEE San Diego Microwave Theory and Techniques Society
  • Reviewer, IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits
  • Reviewer, IEEE Journal of Microwave Theory and Techniques
  • Instructor, UCSD Extension, CMOS Analog and Mixed Signal IC Design
  • IEEE Senior Member