We are interested in hearing about all design projects and what clients need. Electronic design of systems, PCBs and ICs are at the heart of what we do. Of special interest are new medical devices, and clinical issues where a technology solution is needed.

Medical Device Architecture:   Clinical needs for new medical technology is a strong priority. Finding solutions and developing new technology to solve medical problems is a core competency.

Startups and Technical Mentoring:  Helping organizations design and develop new products. Also, working with design teams to understand what works and what path has the highest probability of success. With limited resources, getting a first generation product to market is crucial to the success of any startup. Getting our perspective early in the design phase will save time and money towards getting a final product out.

Noise, ESD and Signal Integrity:  Electromagnetic compatibility and noise issues in systems are a common problem with both PCB and IC designs. Robust ESD protection is necessary for any medical, industrial, or DoD product. Talk with us to avoid problems in the design and architecture phase, or we can help fix the problems you will discover during product testing.

Wireless Power:  High power wireless battery charging for mobile devices. Expertise is in the 100W to 500W region, suitable for mobile instruments, electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and similar.

Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting:  With an extensive background in electronic systems, circuit design, IC design, and semiconductor technology, we are especially suited to help figure out problems.

Due Diligence Investigations:  Investors and VC groups need product viability research from both a technical and marketing perspective. Too many startups come with an impressive elevator pitch but their ideas need to be examined by impartial experts. We provide investors with the technical expertise needed for better startup success.