Effective Electrons has designed classes that bring real-world instruction in-house for your entire team. This helps maximize your training budget and eliminate unnecessary travel expenditures.

Training Presentations Available:

Medical Device Technology –

Understanding medical regulatory requirements and how to design medical devices to be compliant. Topics covered:

Special requirements of medical electronics
Applicable regulations
Risk Management Compliance
Patient Isolation Safety
EMC tests and how to pass them
   Conducted Emissions 
   Radiated Emissions
   Power Line Current Harmonics
   Power Line Flicker 
   Voltage Dips and Short Interruption Immunity 
   Electrostatic Discharge Immunity
   Radio Frequency Immunity
   Electrical Fast Transient Burst Immunity
   Power Line Surge Immunity 
   Power Frequency Magnetic Field 
Regulatory requirements for software/firmware
Coding techniques for reliability and self recovery

Applied Embedded Electronics –

This training series parallels the textbook, including:

Essential concepts of non-ideal electronics
Architecting a system
Robust digital communication
Power systems
Battery and charging systems
Driving peripheral devices
Sensing peripheral devices
Control and feedback by digital methods
PCB design techniques
Coding methods for bulletproof systems
Special systems and application environments

See the book outline for further details